WARDHANA, NANDI (2009) EFEK KELELAHAN KERJA KARYAWAN WARNET MAXIMUM. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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One of the effort that is must be done for the organizer of cyber café to expand is by arranging shift of work nattierly. That thing becomes absolute because it’s related to the employee’s performance and service to the consumer. With satisfaction of consumer, then network of consumer will expand widely. Wider client network broadness then this cyber café’s hope can be realized. In this research focussed at fatigue effect of employee in physical and also psychical, at the same time the cause of fatigue of employee job activity in Warnet Maximum is expected to be able to give contribution to whole entrepreneur in paying attention to ability of employee and their capacities which is to be done. This research done by using qualitative approach with case study planning. Data collecting technique is done by: Observation and in-depth interview and documentation. After done inspection of its authenticity, data is analysed by the way of (1) reduction of data, (2) presentation of data and (3), conclusion withdrawal. Based on research that been done, we got the result, that fatigue effect of job activity happened psychically in the form of job stres, hopeless and dishonesty of employee in working. While in physical, like drought mouth, sweaty, problem at digestion, headache, haves a sore throat because unable to take a rest, and backache, because time of sat and stands up excessively. Works fully the fatigue done by subject because of family economics needs felt unsatisfying. Besides of economics needs that is felt unsatisfiying, already happened changes of motifs in work. Subject that is initialy works for looks for extra of earning, simply turns into hardly depressing by shift job activity which too long. Some effect of mentally fatigue of job activity is wanted to look for another job that better, deviation of job like disrespect to consumer rights and behavior of dishonestly to the owner of cyber café to be able to relaxa while working, and disappoints consumer.

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