INDUSTRI GAMELAN DAN PERILAKU KEBUDAYAAN DALAM MASYARAKAT (Studi Munculnya Historis Industri Gamelan Dan Perilaku Kebudayaan Masyarakat Desa Kauman Kecamatan Karangrejo Kabupaten Magetan)

Geovani, Farida (2006) INDUSTRI GAMELAN DAN PERILAKU KEBUDAYAAN DALAM MASYARAKAT (Studi Munculnya Historis Industri Gamelan Dan Perilaku Kebudayaan Masyarakat Desa Kauman Kecamatan Karangrejo Kabupaten Magetan). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Industrial presence in the community, affect the patterns of thought and behavior patterns of the surrounding community, as well as with industrial presence Kauman village gamelan influence on changing patterns of behavior, especially behavior of Javanese culture that exists in these communities, however there are some behaviors that still exist and persist in the community, based on the phenomenon, the writers interested in conducting research on the topic GAMELAN INDUSTRY AND BEHAVIOR OF CULTURE IN THE COMMUNITY (Historical Study of the emergence of industrial gamelan and cultural behavior in rural communities Kauman, Karangrejo subdistrict, district Magetan), with the formulation of the problem of how the history of the emergence of industrial gamelan? And how culture shapes behavior after the emergence of industrial gamelan? This study is a descriptive kualitaatif, but when viewed from the nature of the problem into the category of historical research, which intends to understand the basis of a phenomenon in the past and its relevance in the present, with research subjects consist of competent Kauman rural communities with research topics, using purposive sampling technique in the determination of the sample, while data mining is done by the method of interview, observation and documentation, and research sites in the village Kauman, Karangrejo subdistrict, district Magetan, with the usage of descriptive qualitative data analysis techniques. This study uses the theory of social action and rationality put forward by Max Weber, who saw that social reality is basically made up of individuals and social action that has meaning, which is summarized in the classification of some types of social action based on the concept of rationality. The second theory is a theory of symbolic interactionism of George Herbert Mead, which refers to the specific nature of the interaction between humans, that humans interpret each other and mutually define the actions, not just a mere reaction of one's actions terfadap others. Results from research that, the history of the emergence of industry in the village gamelan Kauman, Diponeggoro uprising began in 1825, many fugitives from Mataram beerupaya save themselves up to the village Kauman dimilkinya and develop expertise that is as instrument maker and evolved into an industry that still existed until now, associated with cultural behaviors after the emergence of gamelan industry experienced several changes along with the growing rationalization of society with non-performance rituals of fasting and changes in format and appearance of puppets and gamelan campursari presence, but still there are some cultural behaviors, which still reflects the world view of Java which includes how to use results-oriented industries in the heritage legacy in our children and grandchildren, as well as how to maintain the business through long-suffering, resilient to the exam and maintain the existing tradition.

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