Fidiani, Indra (2006) BERMAIN PURA-PURA (PRETEND PLAY)ANAK USIA PRA-SEKOLAH(Studi Pada Anak Usia 1-2 Tahun). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Playing is the world's children. Play makes children know the world and the environment, the opportunity to learn to solve problems and develop creativity. Several types of games made by children is one of them is kind of pretend game that became the object of research. The purpose of this study is to investigate, describe and identify the pretend play activities of children age 1-2 tahunditinjau of aspect types of games, media, frequency of occurrence, playing with friends or alone, the role of parents, influence of friends and social and cultural environment. Data collection method is to perform observations pretend play by respondents over the age of 1-2 years and unstructured interviews in the elderly respondents. While the analytical techniques used in qualitative analysis. Based on the analysis results can be concluded: 1.Anak 12-15 months of age tend to play solitary pretend play, ages 19 months tend to be solitary pretend play pretend at this stage of parallel play and age 24 months were more likely in social pretend play, although there are still solitary pretend playnya. 2.Media used children aged 12-15 months tend to be realistic substitute object, while the age of 19-24 months is not only realistic but nevertheless a replacement object is not realistic, even children aged 24 months appears also to play pretend without the tool but only imitate the movement only. 3.Frekwensi emergence was not influenced gender but influenced by age. Age affects the theme, increasing age, the themes become more varied. 4.Gender tend to influence the themes and media. Women tend to domestic theme, the nature and feminist media, while men tend to be masculine themes and media, although not all children are like that because of limited subjects in this study. 5.Respon parents more support in the game that carried the child.

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