PROFIL KARYAWAN “KAMPANYE” PABRIK GULA (Study Deskriptif Karyawan Kampanye di Pabrik Gula Djatiroto-Lumajang)

Effendi, M. Arief (2006) PROFIL KARYAWAN “KAMPANYE” PABRIK GULA (Study Deskriptif Karyawan Kampanye di Pabrik Gula Djatiroto-Lumajang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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This research was conducted in District Jatiroto. Lumajang. Penelitiaan background in this is a campaign employee who worked on the PG Djatiroto. Basically, the campaign staff are permanent employees, who have a working relationship with the company for a certain period in which the commencement of the employment relationship is not preceded by the percobaa. Employee campaign that employees performing work - pakerjaan of milled sugar cane in, work around the emplacement that are associated directly with the milling of sugar cane, work in factories with sugar transport in the upper tool carrier. Related to the above background, the problem dala this research is how the employee profile campaigns on a sugar factory in Lumajang Djatiroto, how engagement with social groups and employee motivation campaigns on a sugar factory Djatiroto. Hisil from this research about the profile of the campaign staff who worked on the sugar factory which include: age, length and duration of work, level of education, the work in the corporate, educational level, the work in the firm, the wage rate, number of children, employees work in the closed milled, while the factors that motivate employees is a campaign of economic factors and the award given by perusahaan.Profil employees based on age of the majority of informants are those who work on old age which masi productive in carrying out the duties and training while also satisfying jawap between age 36 -51 years. The average length of work informants are more than 15-26 years and over, the majority of graduates of primary school education level only, because the sugar mills in particular most of the campaign staff did not have high levels of education and training while also satisfying tetepi have keahliyan jawap, part of the company here mostly in the fabrication with frequency 9 people, the level of wages or income of between Rp 500,000 to informants with Rp1000.000. Number of children informant 2 to more than 4 anak.pekerjaan campaign staff in the ground cover the majority of working odd jobs that do not have a job tetep. There are several factors that make employees motivated Djatiroto working in a sugar factory that is the economic factor in their daily lives in families, factors in this award employees motivated campaign by the increase of office and facilities - facilities provided by the company in the form of employees' social security, savings, severance pay insurance premiums work / weight and others. But ultimately the decision of any employee working in the sugar mill campaign is already considered on the basis of their rationality (cost-benefit considerations), both economically and awards.

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