Efek Psikologis Penggunaan Alat Kontrasepsi

Solichah, Muamilah Ani (2010) Efek Psikologis Penggunaan Alat Kontrasepsi. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The use of family planning as one way to prevent and plan pregnancy is very important to control the population. However, amid the function is very important, use of family planning brings its own dilemmas because of various complaints that may dialami.Oleh because it is extremely important to know all the effects of psychological effects and especially the efforts to overcome the effects of psychological munculdari the use of contraceptives. This research is a qualitative descriptive study that aims to describe the psychological effects from the use of contraception, namely contraceptive pill, IUD, syringes, condoms and calendar. The sample used was the family planning acceptors of the Community Health Center Dinoyo Malang and working areas (Posyandu). The data used for the questionnaire as the main data sources and interviews as a source of supporting data as well as test validity of the method. The interview techniques used are free interview techniques guided, so that free communication exists but directed so impressed more flexible and flexible. As a test to check the truth of the validity of the data, carried out cross­check data with expert informants. From the results of research that has been done, it is known that the more complaints experienced will make the cognitive aspects of contraceptives would subject the more negative. On the subject of condom users, calendar, and some IUD users have positive cognitive aspects because these methods do not have hormonal effects. Affectively disturbing nature of complaints of physical condition (physiological) led to fear and yang disebabkan worried because they do not fulfill the need for security subject to the instrument contraceptive use. The high failure rate in an intrauterine device is also potential to cause anxiety to the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies. This many occurred in the subjects who used condoms and contraceptive methods calendar. Complaints that its disturbing appearance, making the subject especially some subjects pill and injection users feel uncomfortable and "fear" with other people's opinions of appearance, so try to avoid the association, as a form of attempt to overcome inadequate. Other complaints, especially in pill users and methods syringe was decreased desire for sexual intercourse which has konatif interfere with the quality and harmony of sexual activity, thus making the subject uncomfortable with her partner as they often refuse to make the connection sexual. In addition to one subject IUD users are also susceptible to interference in worship activities because of a prolonged menstruation. This makes the subject feel anxious and ill at ease because they could not serve well. Also in konatif, the whole subject of condoms and calendar user has a good effect of konatif increasing the quality of sexual relations in the absence of hormonal effects of family planning methods used so that makes these activities more frequently to do.

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